New innovation in printing. Newsbottle

Posted: September 21, 2015 in Innovation, Newspaper
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The news bottle – inspiring way to promote print.


Experts claiming that print is dead.  But the world of print following newtons law of energy.  Rebounding and recreating itself into new avatars.  Below is one interesting creativity from Japan.  Print 2.0 just begins.

How do you get young people to rediscover the value of newspapers? A Japanese newspaper found a solution: By simply putting it on a product they buy anyway. To achieve this, Mainichi combined print and packaging to create a completely new medium: The news bottle.

Each year, fewer young people read printed newspapers. At the same time, mineral water is the best selling product in Japanese convenient stores. Mainichi used the popularity of this product and decided to print news on the packaging.

News bottle2

The challenge of this was to make consumers able to read a different article every day. This meant that 31 different products had to be created for each month. But the campaign had another benefit: Through AR technology the digital natives could access latest news online, which also created buzz for the online articles.

And the idea showed success: 3.000 news bottles a month per store were sold. Various media reported about the campaign as news and promoting at sport events made the newspaper popular.

Bottle design by Yoshikana Ono.



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