History of Color management in operating systems

The most efficient approach is to integrate the color management system into the computer operating system.

Here, every color can be processed neutrally in the computer irrespective of the input or output medium. All the hardware and software components involved in the system can access color management because they all collaborate with the computer operating system.

In April 1993 at the initiative of FOGRA (Forschungsgesellschaft Druck e.V.), several manufacturers of devices and software in the color graphics sector decided to form a committee with the aim of defining and standardizing various cross-platform device profiles for gamut mapping.

The name of this committee is the ICC (International Color Consortium). The ColorSyncR 2.0 system add-on by AppleR, launched onto the market in spring 1995, was the first example of a color management system based on Linotype-HellR/ Heidelberg

technology being implemented in an operating system. The same technology was used at a later date for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

You will find what is known as the Color Matching Module under the term ICM in the operating system under Windows 98, SE, 2000 and XP.



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