Dampening Solution Printing Problems

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Color

Dampening Solution Printing Problems

Build-up on the rubber mat: Attack on the paper coating from acidic dampening solution

Blank runs: Coating on rollers, the rubber blanket, and the plate

Plate deterioration: The printing layer is destroyed. The additives are too aggressive. Incorrect machine calibration.

Plate corrosion: Plate oxidizes protection of the plates by means of additions is not sufficient. Over emulsifying pH-Balance is too high, too much water, the water is too soft, the additives are too high, the rollers are incorrectly adjusted, too much IPA, very little ink reduction.

Lathering: Circulating detergent, operating performance too high, additives are foamier.

Poor drying: pH-Balance too low, incorrect print substrate ink combination, pH-Balance of the substrate to be printed is too low

Poor Freewheeling: pH-Balance is too high, the IPA is too low, plate protection is insufficient, roller calibration is incorrect, ink/dampening solution mixture is not correct

Slime, Odour: An underdose of the additive, germ infested water, the formation of resistant bacteria.

Smearing: Too little dampening solution, dampening solution no longer fit for use, contaminated, incorrect machine adjustment.

Spattering: Overemulsification, incorrect balance of ink/dampening solution

Scumming: pH-Balance too high, plate protection insufficient, plate poorly deployed, ink-guide set too high, deposits on the plate or rubber blanket, IPA too low, the ink/dampening solution balance is incorrect, tempering is incorrect

Tapered mullers: Too little hydrophylic substance in the dampening solution, chromium is taking the ink.

Accretions: Wrong mix, over-emulsification, pH-Balance too high, IPA too low.


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