Brilliant colors true to the original on a premium surface – that ̓s what distinguishes a high-quality print product. Many elements in prepress and printing impact on a product ̓s color fidelity. The various input and output units in a print shop ̓s production process, consumables and other factors can cause deviations in color. A consistently employed color management system eliminates this problem.

In this series of blog tips we ̓ll show you the most common sources of error and give you tips on color management. We ̓re pleased to have caught your interest.

The 8 Steps of the color management process

Many factors contribute to successful color management – from consumables, through the test print and up to the monitoring results. This section looks at the individual elements and how to optimize processes step by step in order to achieve the desired end quality:

1. Choose consumables

2. Determine production conditions

3. Optimize prepress

4. Optimize the printing press

5. Print and evaluate test form

6. Calibrate processes

7. Generate ICC color profiles

8. Check color management procedures

icc is the abbreviation for the international color consortium, a consortium made up of many manufacturers of graphic, image processing and layout programs. the consortium’s goal is the standardization of color management systems. an icc profile (color profile) is a standardized data set that describes the color space for color input or color reproduction units such as scanners, monitors and printers.


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