Brilliant colors true to the original on a premium surface – that ̓s what distinguishes a high-quality print product. Many elements in prepress and printing impact on a product ̓s color fidelity. The various input and output units in a print shop ̓s production process, consumables and other factors can cause deviations in color. A consistently employed color management system eliminates this problem.

In this series of blog tips we ̓ll show you the most common sources of error and give you tips on color management. We ̓re pleased to have caught your interest.

Color Ranges

The illustration shows different color ranges. Often colors cannot be displayed identically. Color management can adjust the color ranges.

Printing Standards

A uniform standard is needed as the basis for well-coordinated technical cooperation between client, prepress and press. The Media Standard Print emerged as the result of an initiative launched by the German Printing and Media Industries Federation (bvdm).

ISO 12647 defines both the technical guidelines for digital printing data as well as the specifications and tolerance range for digital contact proofs. Current documents on printing standards are available for download online:


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