Brilliant colors true to the original on a premium surface – that ̓s what distinguishes a high-quality print product. Many elements in prepress and printing impact on a product ̓s color fidelity. The various input and output units in a print shop ̓s production process, consumables and other factors can cause deviations in color. A consistently employed color management system eliminates this problem.

In this series of blog tips we ̓ll show you the most common sources of error and give you tips on color management. We ̓re pleased to have caught your interest.

What is Color Management?

The color management process enables an identical color impression to be produced error-free on various output units, such as monitors, proofers and printing presses.

a. World of Color Management

With a consistently employed color management system, a template made on any input unit can be reproduced virtually identically at any output unit. Color management systems can also harmonize a range of devices, such as scanners, digital cameras, monitors, printers, filmsetters and platesetters. The color is then shown according to the print conditions, for example.

The print result is at the heart of the color management process, because the possibility of making corrections directly at the printing press is limited.


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