Press room problems and solutions – Series 2 – Picking

Posted: September 27, 2012 in ISO Press standardisation, issues in press room
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A host of factors affect the quality of your printed products: in addition to the machine itself, there are the printing stock and inks, as well as external factors such as atmospheric humidity, and room temperature. Often, when problems arise in the pressroom, the root cause is not immediately apparent. Frequently, it takes time to filter out the underlying cause from among the many possible variables.

This series of blog with Professional Tips offers advice on tips in the most common problem cases. This handy guide should not be missing from any pressroom.


Figure 1: Picking

Picking occurs when small particles are torn out of the surface of the paper, or printing stock rips during the printing process. This can cause damage to the printing blanket. It becomes necessary to wash more frequently, and print quality is adversely affected. Picking becomes a problem when surfaces are not sufficiently resilient.

This indicates that the tractive force of the printing ink is greater than the fiber adhesion in the paper structure, or the bonding of the pigment used in the coating. Inadequate gluing, or the poor anchoring of the coating material on the paper’s surface

may cause picking.


• Employ a soft series of inks

• Reduce the ink’s tractive force (add printing oil)

• Allow the machine to run on standard working condition

• Raise the rasp temperature (temper the inking system)

• Reduce the speed of the machine; this lessens the traction on the paper

• Use a quick release blanket

• Employ paper of better quality

  1. Awadhoot says:

    It is result of weak binder in paper.

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