Internal Drum Imagesetters

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Color, CTP, Density, imagesetter, internal drum, ISO Press standardisation, Lithocam
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Internal drum imagesetters are used for both typesetting and repro. They are available on the market as both filmsetters and platesetters. The material to be exposed is held in position inside a partially open hollow cylinder. The laser is then moved along its exact center.

On some units, only the deflection unit is moved. The laser beam is focused onto the material using a lens and deflected onto the film via a fast-rotating prism.

The image lines and the feed are effected by moving the optical system. The material is not moved during the exposure process.

The rotating deflection unit is a small component and can rotate at high speed. This means that production can be very quick using a single laser beam. Although the optical paths are significantly longer than on external drum imagesetters, on the whole, it is easier to buffer vibration since only small masses are being moved. The optical system as a whole is kept significantly more simple.

This type of imagesetter enables maximum quality in the repro sector at very high speeds and at a moderate price. It has established itself on the market as a filmsetter and platesetter.

Ihara Lithocam plate reader to measure plate dots


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