Example of Dithering

Dither is an intentionally applied form of noise used to randomize quantization error, preventing large-scale patterns such as color banding in images. Dithering has mainly been used for laser and inkjet printers. The individual laser dots are distributed as finely as possible in an orderly pattern, as you can see in the following example. Today, error diffusion is usually used

You will notice that these images become considerably darker when they are copied and are not really suited for further processing. The laser dots are not distributed well enough for this purpose, with a border line that is much too long appearing between the black and white elements.
Errors occur mainly at the borders of screen dots when film is copied to the printing plate and as a result of dot gain in print.

For that reason, screen dots should be placed as compactly as possible to minimize the size of the border line as much as possible.

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