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Posted: September 5, 2012 in Color
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Color – The mystery

Since the early days of printing, dealing with colors has continuously presented us with new challenges. It is essential that current expertise is constantly managed, that is collected, organized and evaluated in order to be able to implement it in changing working processes.

Each new technology helps us to develop and expand the range of possibilities. The large number of developments also increases the options available for color representation. Time and time again, the need for standardization has been recognized, initiatives have been taken and processes standardized. In the field of color management,

This article will also give you interesting insights into the world of colors, no matter whether you are an expert or a layman who is encountering this topic for the first time. With the motto “You only see what you know”, this easy to understand guide will familiarize you with the current state of- the-art of the scientific disciplines involved and the resultant possibilities for our industry.

Challenges in everyday printing

The short list of questions below underlines the frequency with which we are confronted by colors and the difficulties involved in day-to-day work:

• Do you always scan all the originals you use yourself with the same scanner?

• Do all images look exactly the same on the monitor as in print?

• Do your proofs always achieve the desired print result?

• Do you always work with the same imagesetter when creating print originals?

• Is offset printing the only output process you use?

• Do you always work together with the same printshop?

If your answer to all these questions is an emphatic yes, you are one of the few people for whom color management is only of theoretical interest. To everyone else, we would like to say “Welcome to the world of color management!”.

Compare the three illustrations below.

“Welcome to the world of color management”

Here, you see two color representations of an original without color management.

The differences are obvious. It is also quickly apparent that working with colors at this level will only seldom lead to satisfactory results. The next few articles on the same subject will provide you with information on the causes of these differences, how you can master them and how you can improve your own color management in the future.


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